• The Managed Data Backup service is required for all of our clients for continuous support.  You are not only securing your data, but also enjoying free limited phone support and limited remote support.  Your savings just on the free limited remote support will save you hundreds each month.

    Please note, we only answer calls from our clients with this service.  If you are not opt-in this service, you phone numbers will be removed from our contact list, and will not respond to your calls, texts, or support requests.  To restablish the service, you will have to email us at support@multibyte.net.
  • Data Backup Management - local/remote. Local data backup includes multiple copies of incremental backups of full hard drive, normally up to 30 days. Remote data backup contains two full hard drive backup every 30 days, and daily incremental data only backup up to 10 days.
  • Website management package includes support, repairs, hosting, backups, and all other tasks required to keep the website healthy. Also, includes upto 5 context updates and 1 code modification per month. This package does not include data entry, redesign of website, adding new features; i.e. creation of online store, or product/price entry for POS, etc.
  • Remote Support - Issues with most computer, network, printer, X-Ray sensor, etc. can be diagnosed and repaired by logging in remotely.