ScriptPro 200Having a Bioengineer on staff, we understand medical equipment and software.  We are experts in servicing Pharmacy Automation Systems.  As a subcontractor, for years, we have serviced ScriptPro's Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems for various clients in Central Texas areas, such as:

  • HEB Pharmacies
  • Scott & White Pharmacies
  • Pharmacies for Department of Veterans Affairs
  • and other independent local pharmacies


Robotic Arm moving vial to dispense pills from the cells

Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair from small issues to replacing robotic arms.  To list a few:

  • Collating Control Centers (CCC)
  • Central Expanded Servers
  • Script Scanners
  • SP Checkpoints
  • SP Datapoints
  • SP Stations
  • Smart Card Scanners


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